Cooking Classes Italy

In the kitchen it works like in the most beautiful masterpieces of art: nothing is known about a dish as long as you ignore the intention that gave it birth (Daniel Pennac)

TOUR DIVINI offers you the genuine experience of Italian cuisines and the great culture of Italian food. This tour is ideal for those who simply cannot cook or for those who love cooking and wish to find out more about traditional, amazing dishes.

You will have the chance to combine cuisine and wine with your passion for cooking. You will discover recipes and secrets to cook typical dishes from local recipes and the most renowned wines will be at the centre of a complete culinary experience, under the skilled supervision of professional chefs who will welcome you into their kitchens or under the guidance of experts from the territory who will teach you how to hand make pasta, cut real tajarin with a knife or bake traditional pastries, such as the hazelnut cake and bunet.

You will cook in places surrounded by charm and history: cooking in the vineyard with the chef, or if you prefer to watch the show cooking in the vineyard and enjoy the delicacies created and cooked before your eyes in the frame of the rows of panoramic vineyards.

Show cooking is a way to learn some of the secrets of the kitchen brigades: live yourself or surprise a friend giving a moment of pure gastronomic show.

Culinary Tours can last from two days, such as the “Gastronomical weekend”, up to a week, depending on your expectations. They include accommodation in 4 star relais, lunch and dinner in typical restaurants and in the Savoy castles, tastings, nature itineraries and cooking courses. Courses consist of two parts: theory and field practice.
Every day you will alternate between explanations of culinary arts and direct experiences in which you will be playing the main role.
You will take with you the recipes and the secrets of the local dishes and a piece of Italian gastronomic culture.

Winery Cooking Class

Good wine and good food of the area meet in the places where wine is born, made and aged

Cooking Class Award Winning Chef

Join the courses of chefs gourmet to learn how they create the dishes like artworks

Pasta Classes Italy

Join us to learn the recipes of the territory with local chefs, they will open your doors!

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