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Winery Cooking Class

Good wine and good food of the area meet in the places where wine is born, made and aged

Good wine and good food of the region meet on spot where wine is born, produced and refined. For this reason cooking in the vineyard or in the cellar is amazing and fascinating.

Let’s try with us! you can cook in the vineyard under the guide of our chef, or if you rather prefer just watching, you can join the show cooking in the vineyard and enjoy the delicacies created and cooked under your eyes in the frame of the rows of panoramic vineyards.

Join the cooking class in the cellar or in the Savoia castle, where you will find professional cooking stations in unique locations. Emotion in the emotion!

The courses in the vineyard, in the cellar or in the castles last about 3 hours and include a full menu, which you can then taste on the spot, in the fascinating setting of unique places.

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If you are looking for a place to sleep in the Roero, there is always Casa Angiolina ready and waiting for you.

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