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Pasta Classes Italy

Join us to learn the recipes of the territory with local chefs, they will open your doors!

Our cooks are the repositories of the recipes of the regional tradition: you will be guest in the chef ‘ kitchens, at home, in a warm and familiar environment to learn how to create gnocchi, tagliatelle (the famous tajatin al coltello), agnolotti del plin and tortellini.

The 3-hour course ends with a lunch or dinner cooked together, to enjoy what you have created with your own hands, paired with local wines.
If you prefer the course can also be organized directly in the kitchen of your home!

Ask for a quote to make the course of fresh pasta with the cook at home, and do not worry: we bring everything, even the dishes and glasses, and you will be served at the table by our staff.

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Whether you want a vacation organized in every detail or some original ideas, all you have to do is ask and let our experience and professionalism guide you.

If you are looking for a place to sleep in the Roero, there is always Casa Angiolina ready and waiting for you.

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