The Royal Palace of Venaria and Royal gardens

The Royal Palace of Venaria and Royal gardens

A ring biking the path from Turin center to the royal Savoy palace of Reggia di Venaria


Venaria Palace and Royal Gardens

The Royal Place of Venaria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the main Savoy royal family residences whose dimensions are comparable to those of Versailles.

Built between 1658 and 1679 at the behest of the Duke Carlo Emanuele II, the palace was for centuries the place of recreation for the most beloved rulers of the house of Savoy, the scene of lavish receptions and long hunts on horseback.

The flat route will lead from the center of Turin to the Venaria Reale village crossing the riverbed of the Po and the countryside around the town: a route of easy dirt and gravel roads punctuated by green parks and the blue of the water courses, ideal to test the abilities of our Haibike with its pedal assistance.

After lunch in the village we will discover the splendid Royal Palace of Venaria and the gardens that surround it with an audio-guided tour. We ride back along the network of urban cycle paths and, last but not least, we will taste an Italian aperitif in the charming Piazza Gran Madre.

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