Liguria 3 Days in Ebike

Liguria 3 Days in Ebike

Ligurian hinterland and flowers riviera, 3 days by bike


Ligurian hinterland, Apricale and Baiardo villages

Distance 65,00 km, ascent 1.100 m
Difficult medium, possible to use e-bike


Riviera dei Fiori bicycle lane, ascent to Dolcedo and the end of Milano – San Remo classic race

Distance 71,00 km, ascent 1.000 m
Difficult medium-high, possible to use e-BIKE


Cote d’ Azur e Nice

Distance: 114,00 km, ascent 980 m
Difficult medium-high, possible to use e-bike

We cycle along the winding Via Aurelia coastal road with its short climbs and descents, the Mediterranean sea on our left and the rocky coast to our right. We soon get to Ventimiglia, overlooking the sea from a cliff.

The border between Italy and France is close-by, we cross it and we are on the Cote d’Azur, undoubtedly one of the world’s most celebrated tourist destinations. We are welcomed by a string of fine, charming villages featuring beautiful town centres, overlooking the sea on vast bays and small inlets.

After Menton we leave the coast and take a road hewn into the rock halfway up the hill, offering extraordinary views of the entire coast all the way to Cannes.

Montecarlo then appears underneath us, with its skyscrapers and port full of yachts and sail boats, and we head there for a coffee break.

Back on the road we come across the Trophy of the Alps, a monument erected in 6 BC to celebrate Emperor Augustus.

Finally we arrive to Nice, the capital of the Cote d’Azur and we cycle to the centre of town along its stylish seafront.

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