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Discover wild and unspoilt Sardinia, made of landscapes, nature and flavors of an ancient culture

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Sardinia is an isolated microcosm of coasts, mountains, hills and wild, pure and uncontaminated territories: here you will have the feeling of discovering places really far from the crowd and the main stream, esperimenting a unique and moving naturalistic beauty. Daughter of this beauty and isolation, the Sardinian food and wine culture is deeply animated by the natural products of the land and the sea, combining the recipes of ancient pastoral and peasant tradition to those of marine origin, whose taste is enhanced by the aromas and scents of the Mediterranean essences of the island. Current lifestyle follows the rhythms of the seasons and it is inspired by authenticity and sobriety.

Sardinian gastronomy is able to create a triumph of unique flavors, where contaminations are always recognizable and the variety is the result of local customs and traditions so different that you can enjoy so many different typical menu. Do not forget the real treasure of the region, its wines and olive oil, unique and rare.

Sardinia enjoys a fortunate combination of mild climate, sea winds, great diversity of soils and exposure to the sun: a unique heritage that allows to cultivate different grapes and to produce wines with unique organoleptic and structural characteristics and identity.

The vineyard has been present since the beginning throughout the region and is a distinctive element, an integral part of the landscape like olive and olive oil.

Experiencing Sardinia is discovering priceless treasures of beauty and savors. 

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