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Experience the fascinating and mysterious region of Lucania and its intense colors, smells and flavors

Authentic flavors, intense smells, inviting colors distinguish Lucania, fascinating and mysterious, open-air film set in its Matera capital of European culture. According to Aristotle: “It is good, in life as at a banquet, not to get up neither thirsty nor drunk”, but satisfied, one might add!

Lovers of good food and good wine are fascinated by Basilicata and its parade of local products by peasant culture that, expertly combined, create gourmet recipes for refined palates, as well as powerful wines from the strong southern land. The flavors are clean, true symphonies daughters of the harsh and fascinating land as the Murge materane. Some examples? The strictly handmade pasta, the rich meat, the genuine vegetables cooked in several peculiar recipes and harvested in the immense citrus groves and orchards, another wealth of the region.

Not to forget the Cruschi di Senise IGP peppers and the Slow Food presidium Caciocavallo Podolico Lucano, the Red Bean of the Pantano di Pignola, the Olive baked Ferrandina, the Pera lady of the Sinni Valley and the Pezzente of the Materana Valley.

Great food to be paired with the good local wine, such as Aglianico del Vulture Doc, which offers delicious colors and aromas.

Basilicata is an endless surprise.

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