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Tours by bike or e-bike bicycle

 Be in union with nature, follow the seasons, learn about flowers and live lightly We take you where there are flowers, where nature is sovereign and enchanting thanks to its itineraries to discover the Italian hills, mountains and seas, always guided by the desire to live the essence with respect and awareness of meeting precious treasures. Tours by bike or e-bike allow everyone to bike paths and roads in the deepest nature.


You can choose to rent a bike and go on your own: we will provide you with itineraries and our suggestions for your pause to taste wines and local food along the way. You can choose to have with you a guide and tour guide: this service costs less than you think and allows you to live a total experience of the territory.
You can join our small groups to share the road, the guide and the experience.


You can ask us a customized itinerary with road bike or mountan bike over several days. Some examples: the hills of Langhe and Roero, the Monferrato, the Ligurian and Piedmontese mountains, the salt route between Piedmont and Liguria, the lavender route, the route of the Piedmontese lakes (Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta), the paths of the spring blooming peaches, the Tuscan hills and much more.

We create for you an itinerary of 3 or 4 days up to 1 week: every day we move your luggage from one stage to another and we follow you with a vehicle equipped to assist you along the way. You just have to think about biking and have fun! We offer full rental tours (bicycles – e-bikes, mountan bikes or racing, vespa), accommodation at relais equipped for assistance, maintenance and shelter, facilities delivery, luggage transport from one stage to another and tastings along the track.

Ask us for a customized quote, and if you don’t have your bike we can also include bike rental (road or mountain) or e-bike: our partners will offer you professional and super reliable bikes.

Give this fantastic experience to those you love!

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Whether you want a vacation organized in every detail or some original ideas, all you have to do is ask and let our experience and professionalism guide you.

If you are looking for a place to sleep in the Roero, there is always Casa Angiolina ready and waiting for you.

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