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Get close to the nature of  vineyard’ hills in the countryside of Italy . Go for a walk or a bike ride. Fly over the hills in a hot-air balloon. Or ride among the vineyards on the saddle of a Vespa.

All Tour DiViNi tours (both for individuals and small groups), as well as company incentive trips include
a photo reportage done by professional photographers


Trekking in the vineyards: wander about the vineyards, where noble wines, such as Nebbiolo, Roero and Barbera, come from. Taste the strawberries from Sommariva Perno and Baldissero, the ‘Madernassa’ pears from Vezza
d’Alba, the asparagus from Montà, the ‘Madonna’ chestnuts from the villages of the Rocche, honey, mushrooms, truffle and all the other produce from a unique oenogastronomical tradition. The Rocche, the hills, the old buildings, the churches and the historical town centres will stay forever in your mind and your heart.
Tour DiViNi itineraries in Roero and Langhe offer more than an oenogastronomical experience and breathtaking views of the hills. Here you can breathe history, tradition and culture of a people who have always fought with art and intelligence the misfortunes of life.


Itineraries on two wheels: discover the beauties of the territory, its traditions and its produce along theme and technical tracks. Immerse yourselves in nature and alternate a ride and breathtaking views with exciting and mouth-watering stops.

Tour DiViNi tours include (mountain or racing) bike rental, relais equipped for bike service, maintenance and shelter, bike delivery at facilities, luggage transport from one leg to the next and tastings along the way.

All Tour DiViNi tours include a photo reportage done by professional photographers.


Photography in motion: trekking and pictures for a special photo safari.

This tour is ideal for those who wish to learn the basics or the most advanced photo techniques while being immersed in nature, putting into practice what they have learnt.

Our professional photographers  will alternate theory classes in your relais with days of photo safari in the vineyards.

Courses can last from two days, such as the Photography weekend, up to a week.

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