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TOUR DIVINI presents DOLCETTO, wine of the year 2019

2019 is the year of Dolcetto, on the initiative of the Piedmont region.

Have you ever tasted it?

If you are curious to find out, during the year  Tour Divini proposes the Dolcetto Itineraries

Ciabot-tavolata-blog-dolcettoand a DINNER IN THE VINEYARD dedicated to Dolcetto, reported by Consorzio Barolo Barbaresco and Langhe and included in the calendar of the events organized by Visit Piemonte in honor of Dolcetto.

Dolcetto, a precious and ancient autochthonous wine, to be discovered!

Dolcetto is part of the history of Piedmont: the first official mention dates back to an ordinance issued on 1593 by the municipality of Dogliani.

The story is fascinating: the ordinance forbade growers to harvest the grapes before the day of St. Matthew, September 21, not to waste them by collecting them before full maturation.



But an exception was foreseen: whoever has Dolcetto grapes can ask for a special permission, because the bunches of Dolcetto ripen before the others, and they are sweet, sweet sweet.

The bunches and the wine that derive from this have been for centuries the exchange with neighboring Liguria, which reciprocated with oil, salt and anchovies (among the basic ingredients of the piedmontese bagna cauda sauce).

In the Cuneo area the grapes were also bartered with calves reared in the plains, to have breed animals in the stables of the hills.

Different production areas in Piedmont, but common features: a warm ruby red with violet reflections, on the palate the Dolcetto is dry and fruity, with a moderate level of acidity and a strong bitterish and almond aftertaste.

Dolcetto has the denomination of 12 different DOCs and is the wine of 2019, protagonist of a rich calendar of events, which you can discover and experience with Tour Divini.

Book your itinerary to discover Dolcetto in Piedmont!

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