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Degustazioni, Destinations, Eventi / 30.03.2018

Easter and Spring holiday in Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, Patrimonio Mondiale dell ' Umanità - Unesco: come to discover the territory where the  Slow Food Association was born. Bra, Pollenzo, Scienze Enogastronomiche University and the Banca del Vino: these are the places where the SF Association lives and where it is possible to feel the good, clean and fare philosophy. Tour Divini will bring you inside these historical places and there you will meet all the great people that every day  operate to promote and to preserve  the tipical...

Degustazioni, Destinations, Eventi, / 16.03.2018

To celebrate every day the women day, we want to tell about the "women of wine", the serious and passionate sommelier that in Italy are working though in a almost exclusively masculine world. Today in Italy   30% of sommelier are women, and most part of them are part of 'Donne del vino' association, with more than 770 members, with different expertises: producers, restaurant owners, sommelier, journalists, wine experts and cellar owners. Wine is organization and fatigue, but to serve it you need sensibility.  Slow Food  has always been careful about...

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