Piedmont stages of Giro d’Italia 2018: Val Susa, Cuneo province and Reggia di Venaria

Track pre view   of the next  Giro d’Italia 2018: the  Piedmont Region will be the protagonist of the next edition thanks to three important steps.

Three stops of the Giro d’ Italia will be in our region, and people from Piedmont organization are playing an important role to plan the event.

One stop will be in  Val di Susa, at Jafferau di Bardonecchia, through Colle delle Finestre up to Sestriere. A piece of the history of the race, that come again with all its epic force.

The most fashinating moment will be in Susa,  unusual but amazing for the runners, as starting city, then down along the route close to   Sacra di San Michele, to arrive in the most cultural enchanting and famous place Reggia di Venaria, then up again to Canavese toward  Valle d’Aosta.

Tour Divini will follow the stops of next  Giro d’Italia, ans we will propose  guided bike tour  along the routes of the race,  under the guide of expert bike tour guides.

You will live the great experience both with road bikes or Epac

If you are not keen to cycle, try our wine and food tastings and our trekking along the piedmont road of  Giro d ‘Italia.

Don’t miss the opportunity  to live the most famous and well know bike race of Italy, contact us   for tailor made tour/rates.

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