WOMEN AND WINE| Being woman and sommelier in Italy

To celebrate every day the women day, we want to tell about the “women of wine“, the serious and passionate sommelier that in Italy are working though in a almost exclusively masculine world.

Today in Italy   30% of sommelier are women, and most part of them are part of ‘Donne del vino‘ association, with more than 770 members, with different expertises: producers, restaurant owners, sommelier, journalists, wine experts and cellar owners. Wine is organization and fatigue, but to serve it you need sensibility.

 Slow Food  has always been careful about feminine   Food&Wine  woman and many of the SF  fiduciare are women and passionate, and some of them are sommelier and official wine tasters, as Martina Doglio Cotto, member of  Ais, cthat has always promoted and supported the women  involved in the wine world.

Discover with us wine’ women, Tour Divini tbrings you to discover the best cellar managed by great women producers.

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