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Degustazioni, Eventi, Travelogue, / 26.02.2019

2019 is the year of Dolcetto, on the initiative of the Piedmont region. Have you ever tasted it? If you are curious to find out, during the year  Tour Divini proposes the "Dolcetto Itineraries" and a DINNER IN THE VINEYARD dedicated to Dolcetto, reported by Consorzio Barolo Barbaresco and Langhe and included in the calendar of the events organized by Visit Piemonte in honor of Dolcetto. Dolcetto, a precious and ancient autochthonous wine, to be discovered! Dolcetto is part of the history of Piedmont: the first official mention dates back to an ordinance...

, Cooking, Degustazioni, Destinations, Sports & Nature, Travelogue, / 16.12.2018

Welcome in Piemonte PIEMONTE is the TOP DESTINATION 2019,  first  in the Best in Travel 2019 Lonely Planet ranking that signals the best destinations to visit in 2019, unforgettable experiences and unmissable appointments chosen by the Lonely Planet travel experts. Extraordinary nature, history, tradition, culture, technological innovation, high quality food and wine, sport and relax. Welcome to the region number 1 Best in Travel 2019. Perfect union between history, art, culture and nature, Piedmont is vital and surprising, to be discovered at a slow pace. A region of ancient and refined charm,...

, Destinations, Sports & Nature, Travelogue, / 08.08.2018

Riding prestigious bicycles, along exclusive itineraries, in small groups: we will give you an unforgettable experience.   We will take you off the usual routes, to live an adventure, to contact people, to explore hidden treasures of our country. Our bike tours are created and operated  in collaboration with a super specialized partner Personalized tours, with the calculation of the daily km to be covered calibrated on the skills and expectations of the participants, with licensed professional guides, experts and passionate cyclist Itineraries that combine the discovery of the territory with food...

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