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Riding prestigious bicycles, along exclusive itineraries, in small groups: we will give you an unforgettable experience.
We will take you off the usual routes, to live an adventure, to contact people, to explore hidden treasures of our country


Our bike tours are created and operated  in collaboration with a super specialized partner


Personalized tours, with the calculation of the daily km to be covered calibrated on the skills and expectations of the participants, with licensed professional guides, experts and passionate cyclists.


Itineraries that combine the discovery of the territory with food and wine stops: we will visit the famous wine cellars, taste the best wines, have lunch in the vineyards and in the trattorias, we will enjoy a good coffee at the bar of the villages.

We also are bikers, and we know well the difference between riding on an honest medium compared to a high-end bike: a comfortable and light frame, an efficient gearbox, brakes always up to speed, are not details for those who love the bike , but real needs. This is why our park is very large with high-range, racing and e – bikes.


You will not have to worry about anything: each route is followed by our equipped vehicles, which will provide you assistance throughout the journey, will bring your luggage from stage to stage and … welcome you on board if you feel a bit ‘tired!


Our guides are expert and deeply know the territory. They speak Italian or English and travel by bicycle with you and your group. They are able to solve every problem.



Our itineraries in the Langhe and Roero include an exceptional stage: Casa Angiolina, an ancient roerino farmhouse from the 1700s, completely renovated and adapted to be a stopover and refreshment point for cycling routes to discover the most renowned vineyards in Italy between Barbaresco, Barolo and Roero.


Casa Angiolina offers you both the intermediate stage support in the daily cycle routes (has a small workshop equipped for fast  repairs, bike wash, outdoor shower to cool off, lunch or snack) and the possibility to stay overnight, with depandance used as a safe shelter and closed for bikes


Casa Angiolina is located in the heart of  Langhe and Roero. For this reason it is the ideal arrival point for daily bike itineraries, for a break in the hottest hours of the day or for being the base for spending the night, before leaving for new tours.


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