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A journey to discover one of the most iconic and most sacred moments for wine, that of the grape harvest. Piedmont is one of the most interesting and lively Italian regions from a wine-making point of view. This is how we can summarize “Harvest in Piedmont”, a story that in the coming weeks will show you places and protagonists of wine and will tell you what it means to harvest and how precious this moment is for every winery.

The smell of must, the tractors that reach the vineyards and return with the red boxes  full of grapes.

Anyone who knows the countryside is awere that these are elements of a September and October painting. Those who are not familiar with these scenes will have the opportunity to discover them and learn more through “Vendemmia in Piemonte”, a seven-part format dedicated to seven Piedmontese wineries.


Between a walk among the rows and a taste of ripe grapes and the beauty of bunches ready for harvest, the protagonists of the cellars talk about the harvest: from the techniques to the times in which it takes place to the emotions and memories that come back to mind every year, passing for the changes and evolution that this delicate phase of wine production has had over time.

A special place to give us moments of relaxation and to make us savor the typical tranquility of the countryside: Casa Vacanza Angiolina in Govone (Cuneo).

A farmhouse dating back to 1750, on top of the hill of the Savoia Castle, immersed in the green of vineyards and hazelnut groves. A place that smells of history where you can breathe the air of home, of family. Casa Angiolina has a welcoming and comfortable environment, divided into two floors and furnished with the original furniture from the era in which it was built. A magical place where to relax just open the shutters of the upstairs rooms and enjoy an enchanting landscape, before your eyes only expanses of green and around only the sounds of nature.

Returning from a beautiful journey, there is always a great desire to tell and to let those who listen to us experience a little of the magic of the places and encounters.

This is what we will try to do in the coming weeks with our articles and our videos of this “Harvest in Piedmont”.

Tourdivini – Biancovino


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